In order to ‘give back’ to the community, ScienceSmith Consulting, Inc. (SSCI) offers limited (as scheduling permits) tutoring services on a selective basis to students in the Freehold Regional High School District (and nearby communities) in the following subjects:

  • AP* Chemistry
  • AP* Physics 1

Tutoring is conducted by SSCI Managing Principal, Greg Smith, and is offered in the student’s home or (preferably) a convenient public location such as a coffee shop or branch of the Monmouth County Public Library. More information on Greg can be found here and on LinkedIn.

Tutoring is by appointment only (contact information). The goal of tutoring can be both to help students who wish to better master and understand the material in general, and to help students who wish to excel (and achieve correspondingly high scores).

Greg brings the following to his tutoring efforts:

  • Deep, practical experience in the Sciences and a passion for STEM topics and education (I don’t just teach these topics, I use them every day in my work–GS).
  • A commitment to understanding the unique needs of each student.  The first session is always focused on understanding needs; this must be done before attempting to help with any subject matter topics.
  • Customized approaches to each student, based on their needs; it’s not just about the subject matter.
    • Tutoring needs to help the student.
      • It must address their actual needs, as expressed by the student, not what the tutor (or parents) believe are their needs.
      • The tutor is a student’s ‘corner man’.  Someone they can count on to help them succeed; not someone who evaluates, tests, judges, or pressures them.
    • Students need to be interested in a subject to learn it; they need to see how it is relevant to them.
    • Students need to understand how to learn and how to study in the sciences.  Math and the sciences are cumulative topics–you can’t do algebra unless you can first do arithmetic–and approaches to learning the sciences may differ from other subjects. Problem solving in particular is a unique discipline.  There are problem solving and test-taking strategies that are unique to chemistry and physics, and practice is required to master them.
  • Full, in-depth, understanding of the recently revised (based on ‘big ideas’ and ‘scientific practices’) curriculum for both AP Chemistry and AP physics 1.


* “AP” is a registered trademark of the College Board