Technology Push – Matching New Technology with Unmet Needs

When technical businesses have exiting core or newly developed technologies that they aim to use in creating products or services, a key challenge is to match the jobs (outcomes) a technology can accomplish with attractive user markets requiring those outcomes (with sufficient urgency).

SSCI personnel can help deconstruct a technology to understand the jobs it can accomplish and can execute the market research needed to find attractive markets.

In overview, doing this comprises six steps:

  • Deconstructing the technology to understand the jobs it can accomplish.
  • Down-selecting to jobs that are actually needed by an attractive market.
  • Assessing the fit; how important (to the user) is the job? How well does the technology do that job? How does that compare to incumbent options? Etc.
  • Assessing the value; what is the impact on the intended users—how much extra value does the new technology create?
  • Assessing delivery; how can the product be delivered to the customer? What factors are important to customer decision making (i.e. adoption)?
  • Assessing Value Capture: how can value from the product be captured, and how can competitors be discouraged?