Digital Marketing – Science-Based Businesses

The 21st century demands digital marketing. Yet, it takes time and effort to keep your digital footprint (website, search presence, LinkedIn profile, newsletters, etc.) and marketing current.

Moreover, science-based businesses require more than ordinary digital marketing service providers. Your digital presence must reflect your scientific expertise. Ordinary service providers may unwittingly misrepresent services or expertise while trying to drive more traffic.

To meet this need, Asenka Interactive and ScienceSmith Consulting, Inc. jointly offer Digital Marketing Services for Science-Based Businesses.

How it Works

We use a three-part process:

  • Strategic Marketing Plan (SMP). To ensure your digital marketing integrates with your general marketing we start with a high-level, outline strategic plan based on your input.[1]
  • Tactical Marketing Plan (TMP). Next, we prepare a prioritized menu of proposed marketing programs that directly support your SMP, including plans to track effectiveness for each program element. From this, you chose where to spend[2]
  • Plan Execution. Finally, we execute the client-selected elements of the TMP. The SMP and TMP continue to be refined, based on ongoing client dialog and program tracking results.

Why You Win

  • Technically informed digital marketing directly aligned with your strategic plans..
  • Only marketing you choose to fund AND you get feedback on effectiveness .
  • Reduced distractions to your already-busy technical personnel.

Start now

Contact Asenka Interactive (609.249.2700) or ScienceSmith Consulting to get started.

[1] Obviously, leveraging any existing SMP. For clients without a formal SMP, this modest effort pays big dividends.

[2] A written, living document, TMP is another high value marketing asset.