ScienceSmith Consulting, Inc. (SSCI) personnel work closely with your technical, business, and sales team to grow your business through successful new-product development and introduction. SSCI personnel uniquely combine the technical depth needed to understand your core competence and products with state-of-the art methodology for structured innovation and new business creation.

Primary approaches include:

  • Technology Push. While this approach has a bad reputation—as it frequently fails—it can also lead to spectacular success because it is the primary way to bring entirely new technologies to market. The key to success is to carefully think through the customer ‘jobs’ a novel technology can do, and match that capability with needed jobs in attractive markets.
  • Market Pull. This approach focuses on the ‘Voice of the Customer’ and aims to deliver products that address customer ‘pain points’. But, it is important here to discover your customers’ unvoiced needs in attractive market segments. The key to this lies in a disciplined opportunity discovery process built around collaborative, in-depth interviews that engage (not bore, as can some rigid, scripted interview methods) your customers. This lets you discover jobs your customers need done that no one else knows about.
  • Market Adjacency. SSCI follows a structured approach to helping clients discover attractive market adjacencies. In-depth assessment of client technical & business capabilities combined with targeted market research, assessing opportunities against pre-agreed objectives & requirements ensures discovery of attractive opportunities in new markets that are within reach.

Additional tools available include:

  • Concept Validation. During new-product development, it is critical to recognize that, “there are no facts inside the building.” Only your customers know whether they will want your new product badly enough to buy it. SSCI has can conduct objective, unbiased validation interviews to discover—without leading the customer—your product concepts will meet customer needs sufficiently important to command their attention.
  • Product Launch Strategies. SSCI can help you formulate your product development and launch strategies—do you have a complete venture thesis that comprises an appreciation of jobs needed, a solution to provide that job (value creation), a path to market (value delivery) and ways to hinder the competition and maintain pricing (value capture)? How does the mix of value your solution deliver compare to that of competitive entries? Etc.

Tutoring is also available for local (Freehold Regional HS District) students in selected topics.