A Technology Commercialization Resource

Primary Resources

ScienceSmith Consulting, Inc. (SSCI) personnel work with small and mid-sized technical businesses or entrepreneurs to help them discover, develop and commercialize new products. We have the technical competence to understand your business and the innovation and strategic marketing expertise to help you grow.

There are three basic strategies for discovering and developing attractive new products to create business growth. SSCI can help you with structured innovation approaches for each of these strategies:

  • Technology Push – Bringing new technologies to market in ways that successfully match ‘jobs’ a novel technology can do with those needed in attractive markets.
  • Market Pull – Listening to the ‘Voice of the Customer’ in a disciplined process built around collaborative interviews that uncover customer needs that no one else knows about.
  • Market Adjacency – Intelligently matching your technical capabilities to needs similar to those of your current customers, but in new markets.

Additional Resources

In addition to strategies for new product opportunity discovery, SSCI can help you with key related activities:

  • Concept Validation – Market research to test your ideas about customer jobs your product can do.
  • Product & Launch Strategies – Planning beyond just your technology, considering how to go to market and create a business.
  • Technical Work – Project leadership and problem solving in specific technical areas.